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 Launching 8th July 2022

5,555 Unique Sol Kids Nfts 

Sol Kids NFT is a collection of 5,000 unique Sol Kid NFT's  uniting together on the Sol network.

Our project will revolutionise the NFT market with our fantastic raffle competitions & NFT project givaways.

 Every month,  3x lucky Sol kids NFT holders will  get the chance to win a share of the monthly alt coin mining profits.      

Countdown To Mint Mint Here
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Sol Kid's Raffles & Utility                        


The team decided they wanted to do something different with Sol Kids NFT. We decided on a project that really gives back to its community.  The best way forward for success in our opinion is:

Full transparancy

Huge prizes

A great community that takes part & votes on different aspects of the project

OG investor NFT's


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Sol Kid's will revolutionise the NFT market

1. Low gas fees on Solana

2. Real prizes that increase over time

3. A Community that shapes the course of the project for the better

4. Check the rarity of your Sol Kid NFT with our official rarity partner, Rarity Sniper

5. Fully doxed with alpha labs

5. Reviewed by Radrugs

6. Helping to support African Vision  



Here is what we have planned for this project.

1. Sol Kids OG investor program

Solkids wouldn't be possible without the correct marketing approach and promotion.

Sol Kids gave the opportunity for 8 people to invest for the share of mint revenue and secondary sales royalties.

This gave Sol kids the ability to get our dream of Solkids successfully set up ready for mint.

2. Sol Kids Launch

At every 10% road map activation.

48.5% of the revenue recieved will be transfered to the community bank to fund the givaways and fund our alt coin mining utiity.

2.5% of revenue recieved will be transferd to the charity donations wallet for African vision.

10% of the revenue recieved will be sent to the season 2 development fund wallet.

25% of revenue received will be sent to the founders wallet.

12.5% will be sent to our OG investors wallet.

1.5% will be sent to our staff wallet.

3. Have You Seen Any Of Our Missing Solkids.

Mint one of our missing Solkids to recieve a prize.

10x 12.5 SOL

10x 8.75 SOL

10x 3.75 SOL

20x Solkids

Check our discord for winning Solkids NFT's

4. Secondary Sales

Royalty Rates are set at 10%. Below is a breakdown of how we will continue to fund the project.

22.5% of the royalty received will be sent straight to the community bank.

2.5% of the royalty received will be sent to the charity donation wallet.

50% will be sent to the Co-Founder’s Wallet.

20% will be sent to our OG Investors Wallet.

5% of the royalty received will be sent to the staff fund wallet.

5. (Utility) Etherium Mining

After completion of mint. 48.5% of all funds recieved from mint will fund our givaways and Alt coin mining operation.

From mint, we estimate 90 GPU's, generating a considerable amount of Alt coin each month.

We estimate the full set up may take up to three months to complete. We will honor a $1500 monthly prize fund until the operation is successfully set up and running.

All mining profits will be converted to Solana and sent to the community raffle wallet ready for the live draws.

We will be using 22.5% of all secondary sales to maintain and add to the mining utiliy.

We will lease and pay 12 months up front on a property having a decent security system & 24H monitored CCTV security. We will hold the rigs inside a caged area inside a server room.

PLEASE NOTE: At present, due to the Ethereum merge to proof of stake and the national price hike in electricity costs in the UK, mining is currently paused until such time it is deemed profitable to continue.

6. Live Raffles

All raffles will be held live on social media platform.

Your NFT number is your raffle number for every live draw.

Google's randon number generator will be used live to pick the 3 random winners.

1st - 3rd place will be determined by the rarity of the NFT. (According to our official rarity partner)

Total prize fund $1500. 1st prize $750, 2nd prize, $525 & 3rd prize $225. All prizes will be converted and paid in Solana.

7. Season 2

After successful completion of Sol Kids season 1, we begin work on Sol Kids season 2

Sol Kids season 2 will feature a 5K collection of Sol Kids girls.

Season 2 will add to season 1 utility. Still to be announced.

The Founders

Those who dreamt up Sol Kids.

They invisioned a community driven project with real utility. The real way for success.

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My name is Martin. My background is heavily geared towards programming, artistry and crypto investments. @Superd00dle_ETH      

team Image


My name is David. My background consists of website design, crypto investments and mining utility @TheCryptoCNUT 

The Team

Here is our team managing this project.

We also have a number of other staff members who are taking care of our Social media, discord, marketing and more

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My name is Chris. I am a trained paramedic. I enjoy hiking, geocaching and basically anything elese that makes me go outside. And coffee. @MyrdroxNFT

team Image


My name is Jermaine. I am a CNC mill programmer for the automotive industry by trade. Love to travel, hang with friends and family enjoying the times. @Jmaine24

team Image


My Name is Oscar. I work as a painter for a trailer manufacruring company. I love photography/digital design which I plan on going back to school. @Its_Mr_Burns


Mint Date: TBD (June 2022)

White list Mint Price $SOL TBD (Approx 45$USD)

Public Mint price $SOL TBD (Approx 50$USD)

Each NFT has a rarity score attached assigned by our rarity partner. At each 10% of mint we pick 5 numbers at random. 1st - 5th place will depend on the order of the draw. For the monthly raffle draws, 3 numbers are picked at random with 1st-3rd place depending on rarity of your NFT.

After mint has completed the community bank will fund enough GPU's to fund a monthly prize draw of approx $1000 $sol. Through secondary sales, we will purchase additional GPU's and increase the monthly prize draw. Click the link below to learn more about our mining utility

Mining utility
Sol Kids would not have been able to launch sucessfully without the correct marketing approach and promotion. The OG Investment NFT’s gave the opportunity for Sol Kids investers to invest a small amount of money for a share in the mint revenue and secondary sales royalties
Sol Kids charity of choice is African Vision Malawi.
There are a number of ways to get a white list spot on Sol Kids.

Reaching level 15 discord will be given white list.

Inviting 15 new members, and all of whom have reached level 3 in discord.

We will hold givaways where you may be able to win whitelist

Promoting on social media, following and retweeting our posts. Creating your own posts and tagging us, or commenting/tagging our project on other peoples posts using our hashtag, will regularly be considered for white list.

The 1st 20 members to boost our server will be given OG & WL roles.

Also being helpful in discord chats with new members. Adding Sol kids to the end of your user name using a sneak peak as your PFP. This will improve your chances of getting white list.

For minting, Sol kids recommend using Phantom wallet. Please click link for how to mint instructions.

How to mint
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Superd00dle & CryptoCNUT 

Both Superd00dle & CryptoCNUT since becoming avid NFT collectors for many different projects came to realise there wasn't many community rewards to look forward to.

How cool would it be to have a chance at winning some serious cash just for owning an NFT?  Better that, how about 22 draws with a total of 86 prizes over the first year

Now you have the opportunity to get involved in a project that really pays and really is all for it's community.

Welcome to Sol Kids 

Click to read our White paper